Sunday, 1 April 2012


Yesterday was busy!I baked a Walnut Date Loaf for the HDHBEM's lunch treats this week, did the grocery shopping, and then we both went off to the local mall.   A walk around the whole of the complex before a lunch of sushi was the day's exercise for the HDHBEM who by then deserved a rest.   So we went to ....

Are any of you like me - committed fans of Maggie Smith and Judi Dench?   You must, really must, go and see this movies.   It is great fun and plays to the strength of Judi and the acerbic wit of Maggie.   We had a great time (and I lowered the average age in the picture theatre!!)
A quick trip to the local haberdashery on the way home to get backing fabric for the Mary Stewart Hussif mean that after dinner, I created two shepherds, two lambs, three trees and the gaps for some snow!

and did all the pinning and folding required to get to this

Buttonhole stitch is not the most stimulating but I am making slow progress and hopefully by the end of the long Easter break might have this completed.   

However I am planning on doing some dressmaking too as I need a warm winter dress for work - I bought this pattern over the internet and am now being bombarded with emails from Vogue, Butterick etc etc  One at a time I say!

I also want to dosome gardening so will need to timetable each minute of every day to accomplish all the items on the list!


  1. Nice work and I will definitely check out that movie. CJ in OK ;-)

  2. I smiled at your comment about average age. You are so busy with your hands, with all the things you make, it's a treat to see.

  3. Great work!

    i went to see that film a couple of weeks ago, took myself off to the cinema on the afternoon after work for a treat :-) I really enjoyed it, and like you say, Maggie Smith & Judy Dench are a treat to see in anything they do!