Sunday, 8 April 2012

Eeyore's Tail??

As promised I have photographs to show.First of all the HDHBEM and I went on an "adventure" today and followed the road signs to Shelly Beach Reserve.   We didn't know what to expect but it certainly wasn't this!  
Mud Flats at Road End would be a more honest sign.   Having not taken my proper camera I resorted to the mobile phone -  note to self.   Next time take your proper camera Margaret!

Last night while watching Miss Marple I completed the stitching on The Bookcase Bookmark and made Eeyore's tail!   Ann and Shiela had asked how I finished the back.   So here the two steps before the finale.
First of all at around six threads outside the perpindiculars I backstitch over two threads in DMC Perle #8 in a colour matching the linen.  I extend out at the top of the bookmark and backstitch another rectangle the same size.

Then I make a cord and tassel.   Usually I make a long cord and double it but this time used more threads of floss for the finger weaving cord and so produced what I call Eeyore's tail.   This is fastened at the top centre of the bookmark.    I use threads from my stash to do these bookmarks - no new purchasing - and the bookcase itself was some Waterlilies silk floss in colour sable.  Being twelve ply instead of DMC six ply the cord was much thicker.   Another note to self -  Next time Margaret halve the ply and a better result will follow!    Can you see how I have made another rectangle with the backstitching.   That folds down and forms the complete (all raw edges enclosed) bookmark.  Nice and tidy.
Next step is to iron two layers of medium weight vilene stiffening onto the back of the bookmark. 
Then fold over the edges and with Perle #12 matching thread whip the stitches together and voila!   I have tried backing with other fabric but this has been by far the easiest and I usually have strips of linen left over from the sides of other projects.
Despite the dire forecasts of rain, thunder and lightning we have had a glorious weekend of warmish fine weather and tomorrow is another holiday.   Great!
Have a good evening everyone.


  1. Thank you for posting your instructions Margaret, it's very helpful and looks achievable for someone like me!!

  2. Oh, Margaret, I do enjoy your blog. "Mud Flats at Road End" LOL!!!

    Thanks for posting your finishing Ann, I think I may be able to handle this one, too!

    Enjoy the rest of your long holiday weekend!

  3. Thanks so much Margaret. I know exactly what you are talking about with the book mark finish. I have finished many, many ornaments in this very same fashion. Very quick and very easy. For a nicely padded ornament, I put 2 layers of quilt batting between the front and back. Can't wait to see what comes from your needle next.

  4. Thanks for the tutorial and the donkey's tail!
    I like Sheila's idea of using this method to make ornies too.

  5. The finish on the book mark is perfect! Great work Margaret :)

    PS: I left a little surprise for you on my blog - go have a peak!