Sunday, 22 April 2012

Jewellery Box

I am making good progress on the stitching for Shelley's Jewellery Box.   Now that I have added the colour I am happier as these blues are looking good.  There are supposed to be thousands of beads to cover this but I am not really a bead person so may opt for plain -  we shall see.   My Mikimoto pearls will look good in the finished box won't they?

The bigger problem is that the whole box is larger than I had imagined. 

So where am I going to put it?
My cabinet is rather full and I can hardly ask the HDHBEM to part with her precious china tea set just so I can stuff more stitching in, can I?
Hope your weekend has been as much fun and as productive as mine. 


  1. Beautiful blue!! I think that this jewel box will be matches your Mikimoto pearls very much!

  2. I love that shade of blue, it's very eye catching. Your display cabinet is full of your gorgeous work - I really enjoyed admiring each piece that I could see. I loved the 2000 design, that's not one that I ever remember seeing. You finish things so perfectly Margaret, I do envy you as it's a gift.

  3. Beautiful project. I love seeing all your other finished treasure too.

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