Thursday, 3 May 2012

A Tour For Amy Part 3

This afternoon the HDHBEM and I have been at a funeral and as I have a head cold (and a red nose like Rudolph) I am home in the warm now rather than back at work. Head colds and needlework don't really go together so I am updating my blog rather than plying my needle.

Last night I finished up Part 1 of the Papillion SAL.   I'm still not sure about this - travelling without a map isn't my idea of a stress free journey and this SAL is rather too much "personal choice" for my confidence levels.   There are a few spaces left for beads which I will add at the very end.   The SAL is over 24 months so this project can be put away for a while. 

And now another part of Amy's Tour.
There are a few samplers on the walls of my bedroom - all in blues as that is the dominant colour of the room.

A Weihenberg Sampler -  in Blue silk on Blue Belfast Linen

This ABC Sampler was an SAL - yet another where I had to choose my own colours and with which I wasn't really satisfied although I do like all the alphabets.

This sampler was done in the silks and DMC as charted on a 32 count raw linen.   The photo is crooked but I am really please with this sampler and it hangs on the wall opposite my bed where I can see it easily.

This small sweet bag hangs on the corner of my long wall mirror.   A local needlework store which has since gone out of business kitted this up and I stitched it several years ago -  then had to decide where to put it.   With no other better suggestions I tossed the twisted cord over the mirror and there is has been for about 8 years -  I take it off to dust it down every month and without fail back it goes.

And hidden away in a drawer is this

A tooth fairy hanging made for my first great-nephew or niece when he or she arrives.   None yet and none in sight so the poor sterling silver fairy charm is tarnishing while this piece lies hidden in my drawer.   The colour of this photo is not good -  the linen is a charming pale green and the floss is a mauve and green variegated silk.   It is well over five years since I stitched this so I have forgotten the details.   My friends tell me the tooth fairy swaps a $5 note for a tooth nowadays so the pocket will be a little small -  I was thinking more of a gold coin donation!!   Obviously I am out of date.

Now down the passage there are three pieces
These two Quaker pieces on one wall and,
this on the opposite.   The "Emblem of Love" was an RR coordinated by Edgar and I get such a lot of pleasure looking at this each day.

And then into the lounge where these sit on top of my CD rack.  Do you ever have mad moments when you just have to get the kit -  these Giulia Punti Antichi Deruta biscornu were just that.  Five years ago I think -  I fell in love with them as the buttons are replicated in the stitching.   But, they turned out much bigger than I expected.   The small mat underneath, is in silk floss on 38 count linen -  a class at my local Embroiderer's Guild around 8 years ago.

And that is enough for today.   We will be back for a further episode soon.
The weather girl has just told me it will be 7 degrees celsius tonight -  brrr that is cold!!  
Good night all.


  1. What a lovely post. I see you like to do a lot in blue. All your samplers are lovely as are the biscornu. I forgot about the new Papillon sal. Will go take a look. x

  2. Hi Margaret, I have found your blog thru One Stitch at a Time. I saw your new pic of the Papillon SAL progress. It looks really lovely. I am also doing the SAL since I enjoy learning the specialty stitches but I feel your angst with picking colors for an unknown pattern. I am having a lot of trouble with that, actually I just pulled a new set of colors for it and hope to work on it this weekend. I look forward to seeing your progress along the way.
    Love your other pieces you stitched, love all the blue and that one with the peacock is very different, like it a lot. Have a great day! ~Krista

  3. I am really enjoying Amy's tour. I sure hope she doesn't mind. Everything is just absolutely beautiful.

  4. I am really enjoying Amy's tour. I sure hope she doesn't mind. Everything is just absolutely beautiful.

  5. Everything is lovely! I do love those biscornus even though they are big. The buttons are fantastic!

  6. I have that Giulia Punti Antichi Deruta biscornu pattern (on the right, the orangey one). I should actually do it. Maybe next year. Love the tour!

  7. The Quaker samplers in the passages look lovely together. I love the color blue and all your blue samplers are beautiful. I especially like the first one as it reminds me of the Vierlande Winders' Keeper I just finished. Love the biscornus too. I was tempted by them also. You do wonderful work!

  8. I'm still enjoying your tour, it's lovely to see all your needlework.

  9. This is a great tour, I'm loving seeing all your work.
    The good news is that here in England the tooth fairy leaves 50p for a tooth, maybe a pound coin for a really special one (or when she doesn't have a 50p in her purse!).
    I agree about choosing the Papillon colours, that bit was ok but allocating the numbers has been HARD!

  10. there so much to see in your house! Stunning pieces, all so delicate. I'd have a hard time picking a favorite! I think you made an excellent choice regarding the Papillon SAL. The colors work very well together. Happy stitching weekend!

  11. So many wonderful stitched works in your house! Thank you for sharing!