Thursday, 31 May 2012

Almost there ... and Amy's Tour Part 7

What a difference a day makes.
I took this photo on the way home from work one day and
then this one is the following afternoon.  
It isn't always true that red at night is shepherds delight.We can have a searing red sunset one day and rain the next here!
Last night I finished the stitching on the Strawberry Fields Bag.
I have thoroughly enjoyed this stitching and especially the lovely little flowers.
The top photo is closest to the actual colour.   Today has been a really busy day at work so I will leave the construction until the weekend when I can concentrate better.   There are a few accessories so I'll go ahead and tack up the linen for those.
Now on the third shelf of my cabinet is a basket containing all sorts of odds and ends.
Some date from early in my stitching days (and are kept for pure nostalgia) and others are small but precious.
Here's a couple (I promise to show you more later on)
My LNS had this as a class and as it was in my favourite blue colour and because I like bee hives this was an instant sign-up!   It is stitched on wool blanketing and at present houses my circular needles -  they need the protection of this thick woollen needle case.
This little Indigo Rose Folding Cross Needle Book is sooo cute.   It is done in reversible blackwork (well actually navy blue). The base is a slightly padded cushion and the pages fold over and button down - each page labelled with a needle size.   I love this one so much I have never used it!!   Another story associated with this one... I bought the totally suitable bead at a shop near my sister's place in Wellington.  Almost next door to the bead shop was a store selling Dutch Salted Licorice.  Believe me I spent more on licorice that day than on beads!
Well that's enough for today.   Have a good evening.


  1. Beautiful pics.
    What beautiful stitching too :) I think the strawberry bag is going to be amazing.

  2. Beautiful pictures! And your stitching projects are amazing!

  3. Lovely double rainbow and the strawberry bag is very bonnie Margaret.

  4. Great pictures! And all of your stitching is gorgeous, but I especially love the needlecase and the basket band! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Such pretty pieces, Margaret--I just love that strawberry bag you're creating!

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