Saturday, 26 May 2012

Woe is me .... and Amy's Tour Part 6

Yes!   Woe is me.   I seem to have caught yet another cold and must again make maximum effort to ensure I don't pass it on to the HDHBEM.   Today I was to have gone out to lunch with my friend Tomoko and instead have been indoors feeling sorry for myself :-(   The place where I work is a large factory and although my office is cosy the rest of the building is unheated and draughty  - an ideal place for the acquiring of any circulating virus. Monday is wages day and they will all expect me back at work then so I must spend my weekend trying to get better quickly!

There has been quite a gap since the last episode of Amy's Tour -  I hope you are not bored with this yet.
Shepherds Bush Kit  - stitched in 2000 while on holiday.   I remember I exhausted all the projects I took with me and bought this at an LNS while away.
This box by Beardie Designs was stitched in silks and I enjoyed every moment of this.   I was pleased too with the way it all came together -  even though it isn't my normal colour palette.
This Barbara Jackson design was in my stash for many many years before I finally got to stitching it.   I recommend this one to any other stitcher -  it was such fun to do.
I can't really recall which magazine this was from but it was definitely last century that I stitched this!  Inside the coral stitch medallions there were supposed to be wreaths of ribbon work flowers.   As I have a pet aversion to ribbon work these cross stitch roses were an excellent compromise.
Again, this piece is from last century!   The wooden box is made from NZ Kauri wood and sadly the man who made these is no longer with us.  The hardanger design was from a magazine picked up at random from the trading table at Embroiderer's Guild.

This bear was done at a class held by an Embroiderer's Guild in the neighbouring region.   My friend's mother made the bear out of an old coat and I merely provided his floral accessories!  Wool embroidery has not become a great favourite but I love my bear. 

This "Repair Bear Kit" was from Inspirations Magazine and was really interesting with all the various pieces to applique.  
Some years ago our Embroiderer's Guild had classes in Japanese Kogin - my first introduction to this technique.   I was hooked and have since made placemats, coasters and bags - all of which have been given away as gifts.   So last year I stitched this needlebook which proudly sits in my cabinet.
Third shelf of the cupboard -  the Garden Ball is a recent finish.   The Quaker Chicken was done about four years ago.   I love her and every year promise myself to add the Christmas Quaker Chicken but somehow....time runs out.  

This was stitched ages and ages ago - I loved the idea of a circular hussif but it had never been used although once it did get an outing to display at our Guild Exhibition. 
Back in the old days when I stitched on Aida !

Currently I am stitching on Hillside Samplings Strawberry Fields Stitching Bag and Accessories.  Hopefully tonight I will get the alphabet started.   

One side has the alphabet under the strawberry band and the other side has "wrought by..."  There is a scissor fob, scabbard, needlebook and a ruler cover but as I don't have the matching scrimshaw ruler I am going to do a small biscornu pincushion instead.   This is a really enjoyable stitch. I am planning to line the bag with dupion silk.
Have a  good evening everyone.


  1. You have made so much beautiful things! Hope you'll feel better soon.

  2. Oh, Margaret You have done so many beautifull finishes !
    I have to say it once again-
    As a beginner I really admire Your stitching skilsand I wish I could someday stitch even a little bit like You .
    You are an inspiration to me !!

    Greetings from Finland!
    The spring has finally arrived this North ,it is time of daffodils and tulips here :) :)

    With Blessings and prayers that
    You and your loved ones will be safe and happy !

    Maija (Lumiruusu)

  3. Wonderful and feel better soon.

  4. Hello

    what a great tour!

    I love your stitching it's really beautiful.
    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. Now I had started to follow your collections,Really pretty.I love all your pieces,especially that wooden box.It is hard to Maintain wooden boxes, But it is very nice.