Monday, 21 May 2012

Back from Holiday Part 1

I had a great holiday week during which at the insistence of the HDHBEM I did no cooking!   As we ate out each lunch and dinner the extra 1kg on the scales will need to be got rid of now!

I tried the pear, walnut and blue cheese tart which had rave reviews on the cooking shows - my verdict?  Ugh!   The macaroons were a real treat and we had lemon tea with those in an effort to balance out the excess calories :-) The lamb shanks were delicious and that seafood chowder was full of the goodness of the sea which was just out this window.
The weather was cool but each day was clear and we enjoyed ourselves immensely.   I did some exercise -  can you see that mountain in the far distance?   I did walk around that one day - a mini hike of around 45 minutes.
  As to my goals....
1. at least one visit to the hot springs.  Of course and very nice it was too!

2. complete the Mary Stewart Hussif and stitch the giraffe on the growth chart.  Of course and photos will follow tomorrow.

3. go for a half hour run along the beach every day (I am allowed to walk back again if I can't run both ways)
No :-(  One day I did go for a looong walk but the tides were not very cooperative (that's my excuse)

4. read the five books currently in my library bag before I visit the bookshops.  Of course but I didn't visit any bookshops so didn't buy any more -  do a newspaper and a magazine count?

5. take the HDHBEM to the yarn store and stand over her to ensure that stash is kept to a minimum.  Of course.   She didn't require too much supervision this time!!

6. restrain myself from visiting the needlework store or if I do visit, LOOK don't BUY.   I visited two stores and decided that I am better supplied in Auckland.   However I did add to stash but you will need to wait until tomorrow for the photo.  Both stores were more for quilters than for embroiderers which was good for my pocket!

 Well that's all for tonight - I will show you my stash and an update on my stitching tomorrow.  
Have a great evening everyone.


  1. Welcome back Margaret. The place you were staying looks lovely.

  2. Oh, it all looks and sounds wonderful.