Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Back From Holiday Part 2

I promised to show you my purchases while on holiday so here we are:
Some quilting fabric to make aprons (top left), a bag (bottom left) and the Noddy fabric is to line a cross stitch Noddy bag which is on my "to do" list.
Then these were the stitching related purchases -  bottom left is a disc to make Japanese Kumihimo (well actually from the $2 shop and to make friendship bracelets but it will suffice for kumihimo); top left is a Lauren Sauer chart  which really appealed and was on sale; bottom right is a bookmark kit for a gift; and top right is a Just CrossStitch magazine.
'What! A Just CrossStitch magazine?' do I hear you say?   Well look what was inside -  and I have the shaker box to suit.
And a close up of the Paisley Elegance -  can you see why I fell for this?  It is blue, has specialty stitches and won't require framing,
And to prove that I did do some stitching while on holiday
The Mary Stewart Hussif looked like this when I packed it
and then like this when I came home.   Today it left on an overseas journey so I will show closer details in photo when it arrives at its destination. 
And Kelly's Growth Chart has grown!   There is a name to go on top but other than that the top half is complete.   Only a Zebra and a Lion and the remaining numbers to go.   Sure is bright but also quite cute.
 A few final photos tomorrow - meanwhile I am going to enjoy stitching strawberries tonight.   Have a great evening everyone.


  1. A beautiful finish Margaret - you do choose lovely projects and your new LS Paisley chart is a perfect example.

  2. Lovely finish on your Mary Stuart Hussif. They are truly useful little items well done.

  3. Great purchases and beautiful stitching! I look forwaord to see this stitching piece in detail.