Wednesday, 2 September 2009

A catch up

The ABECEDAIRE is coming along - although not in alphabetical order. I wanted to do the squirrel and the peacock so K L M come before D E F! Stitching time has been severely restricted this last little while what with one thing and another. Tonight I have just got home from hospital having spent the past five and a half hours there having my mother admitted. No definitive diagnosis yet.
I intend to put some stitches as relaxation therapy for 'moi' before going to bed. Might even indulge in a Japanese cracker or two as this package arrived from my dear friend Kazumi.
Night all


  1. Oh Margaret, I do hope your mother will be okay! Stitching does have a calming effect; I hope it helped your nerves to settle.

    Your latest ABC piece is great - love the thread color!

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that your mother is in the hospital! I hope your mother is on the road to recover very soon. {{hugs}}

  3. ABC is looking great Margaret!.
    Sending healing thoughts for your mother.

  4. Beautiful job on your ABCs thus far! Love the color combo. I hope your mum is doing better...