Sunday, 27 September 2009

Pink Biscornu

This pink biscornu was stitched in memory of my Aunty Mary who died of breast cancer some years ago and is my committment to When Pink Matters. The lovely pink box sent to me by my friend Yuko in Asahikawa is perfect to house this biscornu and I will mail the package off to my cousin Alison (Aunty Mary's only daughter) in time for her birthday late October.

I am still stitching on my ABeCeDaire and hopefully tonight S T U will appear. What has already appeared inside my head are dreams of all the stitching I am going to do next!! But there are two exchanges before that so scheduling comes in to the equation too and so once again I have A LIST. But the last item on the list is reward to self - which makes said dreams legitimate.
Have you all had a good weekend. I managed to clean the car, tidy the garden (a little) finish this biscornu and another item (no snapshot as its for an exchange) watch Midsomer Murders (Isn't Inspector Barnaby dishy!!) change the clock one hour forward for Daylight Saving Time and write the aforementioned list. Only three days until the end of September! This year is flying by.
Enjoy your week everyone.