Saturday, 19 September 2009

Hide and Stitch

Tonight there isn't really a lot to show but a little to tell.

Mother is home from hospital - after two and a half weeks - minus what turned out to be a liver abscess ( and a learning opportunity for many medical students) and with an appetite for tasty food. So it was silverbeet and feta cheese frittata for lunch and homemade sushi for dinner. Now replete, she is snoozing in her chair - pretending to knit!!

I have been busy stitching on An Emblem of Love Round Robin - it is now time for part 2 - and thoroughly enjoying the beautiful silk thread. No photos of that tonight though but here is an update on ABeCeDaire and hiding behind it a little something I picked up to mail to an important somebody. What a tease uh? But I want it to be a surprise.

Have you seen that Edgar is having another Hobbit Birthday - he has 86 comments on his blog post - is that a record maybe! Do go check out his blog if you haven't visited - its amazing!

Well good night all. Have a happy weekend.


  1. So good to hear that your mom is back home and doing better! Lovely progress on your ABC project. I love those colors you're using!

  2. Thant is super that your mom is back home!! The ABC piece looks great!!!

  3. Just catching up on blogs! Hope your mum is making a good recovery