Saturday, 12 September 2009

Not so red - Sew Pink

Sew Red has turned to Sew Pink at my house.
By now most of you will have seen the wonderful new chart that Carol has designed. She will send you a copy if you visit her blog and leave a message.
Over the past week I have made three attempts to start this but the gremlins interrupted each attempt but finally today it's on its way. I am stitching over one thread on 30 count pure linen with Needle Necessities number 1571. Many thanks Carol for this enjoyable chart.
Stitching time is really limited as I am still hospital visiting to my mother each day. The doctors have finally made a diagnosis and begun treatment so there is light at the end of the tunnel.
This morning I decided that a visit to the needlework store would be good therapy for me - in fact I went to two needlework stores and all I bought was two packets of needles!! Everything I saw that tempted me seemed to bring with a vision of my over-stuffed stash cupboard and the small gremlin sitting on my shoulder whispered in my ear - "you don't really need that. You have lots of projects still to do at home already". (Yes there are lots of gremlins at my house at the moment!) So the therapy session was a waste of time. I came home and made a batch of biscuits instead and now I am going to stop this and make the chocolate icing to go on top of them.
Good night everyone.


  1. Great start Margaret - beautiful pink thread.
    Sew Blue - the next little sampler - is well under way too!

  2. Great start Margaret! Glad to hear the doctors have figured things out with your mom...I hope she improves fast and gets to go home soon!

  3. I think it looks great in pink.