Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Round Robin

Status update. In the An Emblem of Love" Round Robin, I receive from Carol in UK and mail on to Wendy Jo in USA. Carol has chosen antique white linen and an exquisite blue silk floss called Magpie Tears.
Note to self! I love this floss - need to find where to purchase!

So this is my contribution to Carol's complete. Can you see where I hid the tiny M to show my participation? Nasty photograph - please excuse the wrinkled linen and the colour is not true either. But isn't this an amazing pattern?

Now I responsibilities complete I can choose something else to work on. Not tonight though I am off out.


  1. It is really beautiful - BRAVA!!!!

  2. Carol's piece is looking lovely.

  3. I came straight from the RR blog where I asked for a picture to see one posted here. It looks gorgeous Margaret - well done and thank you!

  4. Magpie Tears probably comes from Vicki Clayton's Hand-Dyed Fibers (www.hand-dyedfibers.com). She has all manner of colors of gorgeous silk -- and good prices, too.