Thursday, 14 May 2009

Yet another package from Japan

Look what the mailman brought me! My friend Kazumi sent me a large tin can - she knows that I love cans and this will hold a tremendous amount of stash! But it arrived filled with a whole variety of Japanese cookies and a pack of miso soups for me to take with my lunch. My what fun it was to open all these up. Lovely lovely. Thank you so much Kazumi I will enjoy each and every one of these.
On the sewing front I have the six pieces of the Quaker Pin Cube ready to join together. This is a terrible photo but it shows the colour of the mulberry linen well.Also the biscornu is coming along too. I love the colours of this one - its a real delight to stitch and aren't the matching Italian beads beautiful. I am so looking forward to this finish.

Have a happy day everyone


  1. What a great present!! I love the colour of the pyn cube and the biscornu will be lovely as always!!!!

  2. I love miso soup ! What a great gift from Japan !
    Nice fabric color for the pin cube and the biscornu is going to be stunning !