Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Just Nan Exchange

Today I received an email from Becky to say she had received the package safely. We had been assigned as partners in a "Just Nan" Exchange with Hooked On Exchanging. This wasn't the first time we had been paired up and I knew that Becky likes biscornu so the 'Big Bee Little Bee chart' from Just Nan designs was turned into just that. And here's a view from the top to show both the bees! Another of Becky's likes is sewing gadgets so I managed to find some locally made odds and ends to fill up the package. Small wooden spools by a local wood turner, beads from a glass worker from the nearby Coromandel region, silk floss hand-dyed by a textile artist in Christchurch, some finishing fabric - all this together with a tiny card was packed inside the Candy Tin. Now I'm sure aren't you, that Becky would rather have had these contents than the candy!Great fun doing this exchange and I am thrilled that Becky liked it all. Do check out Becky's blog to see what else she is up to.


  1. Heya :)
    Came across your blog via the Hooked on Exchange blog. Its always nice running into NZ stitchers! Gorgeouf biscornu btw!

  2. What a beautiful biscornu. I really love the design and the little bees.