Saturday, 9 May 2009

Half the pair of Pears

The whitework pear is now complete. I did a fancy M on the back and 2009 on the front - overall I am fairly happy with this one and look forward to the Double Running Stitch companion piece.
Unfortunately I have been tempted and have started another piece that I saw on Hohla's blog and from that found the the link to the design here. Its a fun stitch of a Quaker Pin Cube which I am doing in DMC ecru floss on 32 count mulberry linen.

This morning I was invited to "High Tea" with some colleagues from my previous company and arrived to find around a dozen there and that in fact it was an "Arigato" party at which they presented me with flowers and thanks for the small help I was in them getting their permanent residence visas. The flowers are beautiful and I especially love the delicate shade of the roses. Wasn't I a lucky girl!


  1. Oo what a lovely pear... (please read kenneth williams style! lol)

  2. Love the pear! And that was very kind of your colleagues to surprise you with the lovely flowers...

  3. That pear is gorgeous! So beautifully stitched and finished! And what a beautiful bouquet, enjoy!!!

  4. О! What beautiful you have chosen threads and a fabric for a cube!

  5. I love that pear, very cute! The colours you have chosen for your cube are great. Thanks for the link, I think I might like to give that one a try.

    That's a beautiful boquet of flowers you received.