Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Today the mailman came to visit with an amazing package from my friend Yuko in Japan. What do you think is in this exciting looking package. Actually this bag is not made especially for mailing but is the Mothers Day shopping bag from a Japanese store. Here's the front.... and the back.
And what was inside? Well here we are - two beautiful boxes. The blue one I instantly recognised as my favourite Kibana cookies. But the pink one? Well what is in that? Well here we go - open the lid and oh my golly gosh - two cute little puppies! Yuko's Mother made them for me - and Yuko made the cute card. Aren't these two Japanese puppies just so cute. The live on top of my piano now where I can enjoy their company. Thank you so very much Yuko - tell your Mum thankyou from me too.

As to stitching - I have made a start on a GPA Biscornu. Aren't the colours lovely. And tonight I plan on cutting the cardboard so I can finish the Quaker cube. How come the hours at work go by so slowly but the evening stitching hours just fly by?

Happy stitching everybody.


  1. Oh my gosh! Those little puppies are too cute! What a lucky lady! Great start on your biscornu. I feel the same way about work time vs home time. Home time flies by way too fast! I wish it would slow down...I have lots of stitching to do!

  2. What a lovely gift! The puppies are adorable!

    Happy Stitching Margaret!

  3. What cute little puppies. Both Yuko and her mum are very generous!

    Lovely stitching Margaret!