Sunday, 24 May 2009

What a great weekend!

First of all I collected a package from the Post Office on Saturday and it was a fantastic RAK from Tammie. A wonderful padded bag with a magnetic fastener and the most amazing fine blackwork on the front. Tammie - you are amazing. How you find time to do such exqusite work I don't know. I am delighted to have this sample of your work - all the more precious as I know you are a busy busy lady.
Next I finished a Marken Marker Mouse Fingercushion. I found this in an article about Marken Embroidery (an area of The Netherlands I think) in an old copy of Inspirations magazine. Sorry I can't tell you which one. This dear little mouse is a pincushion that you wear as a 'ring' on your left hand when you are stitching. Now how convenient is that! Well I'm not sure if it is truly comfortable to wear or not but it was fun to make. Unfortunately the Needlework Shop didn't have black faceted beads for the eyes so my Marker Mouse has red eyes! But isn't he cute.
And then guess what - a surprise package from my little sister. She sent me this for being such a wonderful big sister! Thanks heaps - I love it and it was a marvellous surprise. I've always wanted stork scissors so thanks for those and I love the colours of those silk threads. A wonderful box of goodies - I think you must have been reading my wishlist!!
Have a good night everyone.


  1. sounds like this is your weekend!

  2. Wonderful blackwork pillow - must have taken ages

  3. What beautiful blackwork and a mouse charming!!!

  4. The blackwork is exquisite. There is a real lot of work involved with that one. Your mouse is very cute!

  5. Wow, the blackwork is amazing! How does Tammie find the time?! Cute little mouse pincushion and how lovely to have a sister to give you stash! Can your sister call my sister and drop her some hints?! ;-)

  6. Beautiful blackwork! What a lot of work in that.
    Cute mouse :)