Monday, 29 September 2008

I received a return from Marlies

Saturday's post man brought me a lovely package from Marlies in Gouda, Holland. I chose her from the Crazy Exchange group because I often eat Gouda cheese! And Marlies sent me a postcard of the lovely cows that produce the cheese. Also a delightful little wooden clog key chain. But the "piece de resistance" was her stitched hanging - so bright and cheerful and unlike anything else I have. Thanks so much Marlies for making my first exchange such a great experience.
I am now preparing another one to mail away to an exotic far off country - thank you everyone for including postcards! My fridge door looks really international - one day I will show you a photo of that.


  1. Please, do that! I would loooove to take a look at your International Fridge! Lol. =D
    Hugs, from sunny Brasil.

  2. looking forward to seeing your fridge i seem to have accumalted a wall space of postcards next to the sink the exchange looks great love the hanging