Monday, 15 September 2008

Lord of the Rings - Hobbiton ( Photo heavy)

No embroidery pictures today as over the weekend I went to Hobbiton - the area where this was filmed for The Lord of the Rings trilogy is only two hours drive from my house. On a marvellous Spring day here, I did the tour with my elderly Mother and a Japanese friend. At the start of the tour we were greeted by lambs - including these twins. Yes, they are twins although one is black and one white. The black one has just a smudge of white on his/her tail! Then the start of the tour - the restrooms were in character - even to the toilet roll holder shaped like a Hobbit house. Through the gates and across the farm we went and then there before us was what New Line Cinemas had left of Hobbiton. All the gardens and frontages have been removed but it is possible to still enter in to Frodo Baggins house up at the top and see the view from Bag End almost as he and Sam saw it.I won't post all the photos - you'll need to come to New Zealand and see for yourself.
After that adventurous day I stitched all evening on exchanges while watching Lewis (I love that man almost as much as Morse ;-) but can't show any of the results of that productive evening yet!!


  1. What an interesting tour! Thank you for sharing the oictures, they are so pretty!

  2. Fabulous Margaret. I wish to come. One of these days I'm sure that I will. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  3. oh my gosh you live so close to it.. my leigh would have loved it and the kids well they are just like caves they would be clambering in and out like yoyos lol they are wonderful picts please post some more lol prettty pllllelleeeeeaaaaseee lol