Monday, 1 September 2008

Nothing but flowers to show

I haven't got any stitching to show you today. It has all been exchanges so they can't be shown yet. I did get the second PIF completed and it is off on its long journey today.

My fingertips are really rough at the moment and no amount of handcream helps. Obviously the linen I am working on is too hard on my soft skin?! Or perhaps its just the end of the winter and now with Spring all will come right.

Talking of Spring do you like these tulips? We also have daffodils and freesias aplenty. The bright colours are like cheerful smiles after our wet dull winter

1 comment:

  1. It is so "fun" to think about your spring tulips while we are looking at a rather sad (and dry) garden. Coming to the very end of anything summer and ready for the autumn to come along.

    Caroline (from Crazy Exchange) arrives here on Wednesday - won't that be fun?

    Good wishes,
    Nana Marne