Tuesday, 9 September 2008

PIF Number 2 has now arrived

I have just had an "email postcard" from Deb to say that the PIF package has arrived. It was fun reading way back through Deb's archives to see what she liked and somewhere I found a list that said she liked paper products. So....inspiration struck and I made a small French Sampler (from SALexandre) stitched on linen in a colour that toned with the handmade paper journal I found at a missionary charity stall. Just perfect I thought and fortunately so did Deb. Deb, I had immense enjoyment out of stitching this for you and imagining your reaction when you received it. As usual my photography skills are not great but here's a glimpse (and for those of you that look carefully, I know that there is no W in the alphabet. Apparently that's because its French and they didn't have W's peut etre ??) You can see a better photo on Deb's blog here

And because only two people signed up for a PIF I have chosen one person out of all those who have exchanged with me since I joined the "Stitching Bloggers World" and that person will get a surprise in time for Christmas.

Have a great day.


  1. What a beautiful PIF piece. I love the colour tones that you have used. This certainly makes for a very special journal.

  2. Margaret,
    What a beautiful piece you've made for PIF!
    You are so fast, I'm sorry that I haven't been able to make one at all...oops! :)
    The thread colour is so beautiful and matced for the journal very much!

  3. this looks absolutely gorgeous again you outdid yourself and i think you have gone all out to please everyone..

  4. What a lovely piece, especially mounted on the lovely journal

  5. What a beautiful and thoughtful PIF Margaret!

  6. I adore the book you made Margaret.

    Thank you for visiting and leaving comments. As I said in my post it gives me the chance to link back and see what you do to, and now I have found another lovely blog to read. I am usually well behind on catching up with blog posts as I have so many to read and usually try to leave at least one comment lol but I have made some wonderful friends this way.

    One of my hobbies is travel but the one place I would travel to tomorrow if I could afford it would be the place you live. When I was in my teens I wrote for many years to a boy who lived there. He sent so many postcards and told me so much about his land that it has always been my dream destination. Who knows one day I still hope to make it and we may get a chance to meet up. In the mean time I will have fun visiting your blog.