Thursday, 2 October 2008

My International fridge!!

The postcards that have arrived with the interesting exchange parcels from overseas are arranged on the side of my fridge. Ballarat, Australia seems to have gone walkabout but Georgie did send me one from there too. Not only has there been a great deal of pleasure from the various pinkeeps, cushions, and other stitched items but these cards are a brilliant way for me to see other parts of the world. So I encourage all of you who send exchanges to pop in a post card of where you live and "travel the world while stitching". I am going to try and always include a post card of New Zealand too.

Last night was spent baking to supply the youth group at church who are going on a camp this weekend. So there was no stitching - but maybe tonight I will get back to my Susanne Sampler. I'm halfway and am determined to get it finished before Christmas - although to be realistic with annual leave, birthday and year end extras I may be dreaming.


  1. Great postcards there Margaret.

    A question for you.... the chooky you stitched for Wendy Jo, who is the designer of this cutie please? I have a couple of chooky friends who would just love this one.

    Many thanks

  2. That's a great idea Margaret! I usually try to include a postcard with each of my exchanges too..

  3. wow....great idea to display the postcard...thank you for sharing the idea

  4. Kath, I can't find an email address to send you so hope you will look back here again.
    The "chook" was Coq au pins from Twisted Oaks Designs - I bought over the internet from - but I did it in red DMC 115 variegated not the pink the pattern said.

  5. love the postcards i ahve a wall space with all mine on absolutely gorgeous