Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Progress on Susanne

Last night I finished page 4 - only another 4 to go! This is not amazing photography but shows how it looks to date. I am determined to have this done by Christmas and there are only two other "plans" that may delay me from pages 5 to 8. I will need another trip to my LNS to restock on thread if I am to complete it and will have to be very disciplined - that store has a very bad habit of getting my wallet to open its mouth very wide!

Its only October and already I am mentally planning my "to do" list for 2009. How bad is that?!

There's a couple of Quaker charts, a handful of Christmas ornaments from the latest JCS and that infernal Queen's Sweet Bag" - perhaps less covetousness when I read others blogs would mean I actually complete my list instead of adding to my stash :-)

Anyway have a good day


  1. Susanne looks beautiful Margaret - what fabric and floss are you using?

  2. Really, really beautiful. I'm sure you'll have it finished up in time for Christmas!!!

  3. Suzanne is just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!