Thursday, 9 October 2008

Let me introduce you to the bear clan

When reading Taija's blog she showed a teddy bear she had made herself and I remembered I had one of those too so let me introduce you to Teddy. He is made out of an old woollen coat and has silk paws and ears. Although he is around five years old I still remember how hard it was to do the embroidery as everything was round and taut! But he is rather splendid isn't he?

Don't you just love the bee on his paw. And he has a spider on his foot.

And here's a closeup of the flowery tummy.
In my cabinet he has "bear" company too with Edward (wearing the spectacles) and Posh (the small green one). Posh and Edward were given to me by others and so have perhaps less claim to fame although Posh has one outstanding feature - he has small pellets in his bottom so although he flops he can sit upright.
And Carol R you asked what fabric and thread I am using for Susanne Sampler - Confederate Grey Cashel Linen and Weeks Dye Works #2104 Deep Sea cotton floss. The combination looks good for the place I want to hang the sampler but I am a little disappointed that the variation in colour of the overdyed floss is extremely subtle.


  1. How special your friends are - I am particularly impressed with the flowered tummy. :-)

    And I did read about your cookies. They look delish'. I'm jealous but now will ask a Japanese friend for a sample - perhaps.


  2. Your bear collection is charming. I love the embroidery on the big bear, pretty.

  3. Such special details, great work and great blog !
    from Israel