Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Kibana Cookies

My colleague has just returned from a visit home to Japan and brought me not one but two boxes of my favourite Kibana cookies.
But the packaging oh la la! Almost a whole rainforest of paper on my present. First the outer wrapping - in characteristic Kibana blue. These cookies have been around for soooo long. I fell in love with them when I first went to live in Japan in 1979! Now one layer removed and there is revealed the next box - actually two boxes as one slides out of the other. Once that one is opened there is the cushion layer (I'll forgive them that one as I certainly don't want broken cookies). And finally, do I hear you say, here they are. Well not quite. They too are individually wrapped. But oh they are so good!!! Hokkaido white chocolate sandwiched between two golden cookie wafers

I have no photos of stitching to show you today - I am far too busy eating my cookies :-)

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