Thursday, 31 July 2008

Quaker needleboook is now completed

On the very last day of the month I woke up early and although I had crossed off the last item of my list of goals I still needed to make the twisted cord and tassel on the needlebook. So here it is now all done. Its not perfectly constructed I know but I really like the motif and am sure I will use the needlebook. If I counted up I probably have enough needlebooks for one for each needle!! Were I to do this again I'd use different fabric - this time I used a piece of Kiwi Illusions "Limestone" Lugana - but although the colour was great it confirmed to me I'd rather use linen. It would be thinner to fold into the book and hold the creases better than cotton I think. I really like the Midnight colour of the Caron threads silk and will be finding another project to use that again.
But I do feel happy to have crossed off all the items on my July stitching list and what's more I have even made my August list!!

Bottom left tendril and flower of The Queen's Sweet Bag

Finish the needleroll for HOE exchange and make the package

Finish the Wiehenburg Susanne Sampler

Finish one PIF

And that should keep me out of mischief and still allow for any extras I may want to include. Have a good day everyone

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  1. Beautiful needlebook Margaret. Agree with you about the fabric. I think that's why I love Brussels linen for smalls.