Friday, 11 July 2008

Surprise Package from Missouri

Yesterday the mail man brought me a surprise package from Missouri. First thing I see when I open it is this. Isn't it amazing! Love at first sight here. Then on undoing the package out comes a ???? What is it I ask myself - a perfectly formed and finished thread keeper ring. I have never seen one before but having read others blogs I have an educated guess. And an exquisite bag personally labelled for me! Deb has done this for the LHN exchange on HOE. She is certainly a skilled needlewoman.Oh yay. I do the dance of total satisfaction but then there's more..... Some really unusual and delightful pins. I have never seen anything like them. Another session of ooh and aah :-) Now have a look at the total package. Deb, thank you so very very much. I am (as you can tell) totally delighted!


  1. That is a really gorgeous exchange, congrats!!!

  2. Hi Margaret,

    I'm glad it arrived safely and you like everything! I'm sorry again it was so late.


  3. What an incredible package and beautifully packaged, as well. Deb did an outstanding job.