Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Just like any other day!

Well it started out just like any other day. Breakfast of rolled oats mixed with protein powder (strength for the day ahead you know) - it is winter here! But as I'd slept in it was a scurry to get to work on time. Not forgetting the goodies I'd baked for afternoon tea (more on that later). Despite the late start I made it on time - only to find that others had been here before me! Yes today is celebration day - 20 years with the company. Two of the staff had decorated my office and given me the most beautiful bunch of flowers. My assistant gave me a cute yellow gardening basket. The company gave me a ..... wait for it !!!! Certificate! Well between that and afternoon tea the day was just the same old normal - much like it has been for twenty years. Afternoon tea was a welcome break - I don't often take a break midafternoon! And the homemade cookies were a real hit - "Margaret we didn't know you could cook like this!" In true Japanese fashion it was photos all round. Guess which one is me?!Then afterwork I am going out with three of my colleagues to the city's best Japanese restaurant and will have a delicious meal. You may wonder why this choice of restaurant? Well, I lived in Japan for 9 years before returning to New Zealand and starting work with this Japanese travel company so it seemed appropriate - and what's more I LOVE Japanese food. I will post pictures of the meal another day but meanwhile I'm off. See you later
All in all a memorable day really.


  1. Will you be framing the certificate??? :oP Congrats on 20 years! Hope the day was fun.

  2. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like it was a great day.

  3. Happy Anniversary! That is quite a milestone!!!

  4. Congratulations! And I think the yellow basket is just as cute as can be. I only lasted for 22 years and then decided I had had enough and now am loving my early retirement (although the real date will get here one of these years).

    And nice cookies, too. What a great co-worker. Cheers!

    Nana Marne

  5. Congratulations Margaret! I'm glad that they did a nice celebration for you. I recently hit 10 years at my company and am still waiting for mine. LOL.