Thursday, 17 July 2008

Queen's Sweet bag - progress report

The poor Queen's Sweet Bag has been languishing in my "to do" bag but I am making some progress at last. Curling tendrils done in four colours in tent stitch over one thread are not my idea of fun but I am determined to stick to my vow of no UFO's in my house. So here is a progress report!
I have stitched a couple of exchanges but you are not allowed to see those yet. A small quaker needlecase is currently under construction and after the weekend may make its debut. My monthly to do list is currently crossed off - completed - finito yay oh yay - do the happy dance!

So I have sorted out threads and linen to do a quaker sampler from the Weihenburg Group I have just joined. I got cashel linen (confederate grey)which I know is 28 count but I am going to do it over one thread in a beautiful Weeks Dye Works thread (Deep Sea).
Do you want to see a photo - I will take one tonight and post later. I'm looking forward to starting this in the weekend.


  1. no ufos lol i tried to say that i was going to finish allufos this year but just as i start to progress some present has to be made lolkeep up the good work

  2. I'd love to see a closeup of the Queen's Sweet bag, do you have one somewhere? It looks exquisite!