Monday, 4 August 2008

Exchange from Wendy Jo

Friday's mail brought a wonderful surprise. Wendy Jo had chosen my name for a Crazy Exchange and made me a Quaker Thread Keeper. Not only that she sent thread threads in my favourite blues. Thanks so much Wendy Jo - you certainly know my tastes well!
Also received another surprise from Elisabeth, a fellow member of Auckland Embroiderers' Guild. I had recently introduced her to pendibuiles and she has gone into mass production! One made its way to me and here's a photo. Isn't it great! I am impressed with the way she got the top to fold so neatly. I made some headway on the Wiehenburg Suzanne Sampler too - am on to the third page of eight now. Just where the thread stops there is a Germanic eagle on the right. He was a surprise as the chart was spread across two pages but he looks grand. He has a mate to come on the left hand side. The next photo will show his splendour. At about this point in the weekend I took sick with a 24 hour stomach bug which made stitching impossible. Wouldn't you know it - it's now Monday and I feel well enough for work but thoroughly washed out and 2 kilo lighter!! This is not a pleasant or permanent way to lose weight so I am both frustrated and unhappy. Here's hoping for a better week.


  1. I know how horrible those stomach bugs are. At least they completely pass in a day or two. I hope you are feeling fine soon.

  2. Hi thanks for your encouragement on the yahoo wiehenburg group. thought id come take a peek at your suzanne! love the colours. i have just created an album on the group and should be uploading pics on my blog soon. xx