Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Pohutukawa flowers

Our native tree the Pohutukawa is covered in bright red flowers and is the harbinger of Christmas and hot summers here in New Zealand. Well this week in the office building where I work a huge pohutukawa flower appeared. Grandma's tale of how once the Pohutukawa blooms there is six weeks till Christmas is patently untrue!! Well, this flower is actually the work of American born, New Zealand resident, sculptor Jim Wheeler. Isn't it magnificent?But the real thing is even more beautiful! One of the girls at work took this photo at a local beach last summer. I am still working on an exchange so can't show you any photos yet. I am stitching in the same colour thread as the pohutukawa flower (a Needle Necessities overdyed cotton) and am thoroughly enjoying it so you can look forward to a photo when it is all done.

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  1. Georgous! In 'real life' and in art form. Your flowers are so marvelous and so different from ours (in the U.S.).

    Good wishes,