Friday, 6 January 2017

Spot the Difference

Today the DBEM and I went button shopping.   Almost  12 months since we were last at this shop!

Little Sister says it looks like she's in her "happy place".   Maybe so but I now have 37 buttons to sew on the little garments;-)   I promise to show this years knitting haul when all is complete.   
I'm off now to sew the hem on two dresses and then my summer sewing is complete.   Photos tomorrow hopefully.


  1. What a lovely and beautiful DBEM....
    Enjoy fastening the buttons....

  2. She does look happy, Margaret! Have fun sewing all those buttons!

  3. So many buttons Margaret and ever so many to be sewing on!! Your mum is looking good and very happy too.

  4. I think you resemble your Mum, Margaret. Anyway she looks great. What a busy bee you have been. Wish you could come clean my windows, but you certainly wouldn't be doing it outside. We are well into the below freezing mark most days now. But our day light is lengthening!

  5. She does look very happy to be in the button shop again!