Sunday, 1 January 2017

In 2017 I want to....

While I currently have three projects on the go I have decided on what I will stitch in the coming year - hopefully!   WIPS are
Quaker Christmas Sampler
Heirloom Nativity Sampler
Hardanger Table Runner
 I have no UFO's and experience has taught me that rotations don't work for me so only when I finish two of these will I allow myself to start anything new.   I know that three projects on the go won't work either so I need to get that down to one at a time.   My help is required a lot more for the DBEM's knitting so time will be at a premium.
These are what I have chosen for this year's To Do List
A Merry Cox  project-Shaker Spool Box
A Betsy Morgan Box
Another Betsy Morgan Box
Shepherd's Bush Christmas Story Sampler
A needlebook/etui SAL Alexandre which I printed off the internet eons ago.

As I am well and truly over Christmas and am working on a Christmas Sampler "big project" as well as the Nativity Sampler "big project",  the first  to be kitted up will be one of the Betsy Morgan's I think.   Although I do have all the ingredients for the Merry Cox - bought many years ago from Criss Cross Row.   Maybe I should do that one first??  SAL Alexandre will be the last as I want to stitch in Caron Waterlilies silk and there is an overabundance of beautiful shades so I'm having trouble making up my mind.   Definitely not pink though:-)   Still there's plenty of time for decision making.   Tonight I hope to finish page 4 of the Quaker Christmas Sampler and then I will do the next panels on the Nativity Sampler.   Christmas is out of my system now, so I need to get it out of the needlework basket too!


  1. Beautiful choices! You are very disciplined to finish before starting new. I have far too many things started now! I'll be watching your progress.

  2. Gorgeous slate of projects, Margaret. I look forward to watching your progress.

  3. Lovely choices Margaret, the little boxes are so clever and pretty.

  4. Well worth cracking on with your WIP's as you have some gorgeous new starts lined up for the next year.

    Happy New Year xx

  5. What a delightful selection of new projects to pick from - Merry Cox, Betsy Morgan (those are gorgeous!) ... and that SAL Alexandre piece is stunning - think I spent several hours perusing the varied finishes when I first saw it. It's going to be such fun watching your blog this year.

  6. You have a very ambitious stitching agenda and have chosen beautiful projects! Christmas is also out of my system.

  7. No UFOs? Now here's something I wish I could say about myself! Good look with getting your WIPs down to one, I hope you'll get to stitch some of these beautiful pieces on your to do list this year.

  8. What gorgeous projects. I love the two little boxes. I made an octagonal box and they are quite difficult to get just right.
    I've been stitching a 12 Days of Christmas since 12/12 and I'm still going strong!