Saturday, 14 January 2017

Fairies in the garden

Alice lives in one of the ground floor apartments in our block and is currently on summer holidays from her kindergarten.   She is a child who needs constant companionship and her mother has some really creative ideas.   A couple of days ago this appeared in our front garden.
Alice and her mother had created a tiny fairy garden.   Isn't it cute?   She was right chuffed when she saw me taking a photo:-)
And stitching progress?   Well, this was the first week back at work after two weeks annual leave.   Life has been busy, very busy, far too busy for the amount of reverse stitching I have had to do.  It is really a wonder that the white silk did not turn black! But the last lace panel is now complete as is the the next line of words and I made a start on the multicolour band of partial Rhodes stitch.
But now housework chores are calling!


  1. Back to work after two weeks off isn't much fun Margaret, I felt that last week was such a long week. What a fun mum to create a fairy garden.

  2. Ooh, that lace looks lovely! Even if you're slower than before, you're still making awesome progress.

  3. That's a lovely garden for a fairy. How surprised would they be if you slipped some fairy evidence in there for them to find? Something miniature a fairy might have left behind!
    The "lace" looks amazing despite the troubles it gave you!

  4. The lace panel is gorgeous. What a pretty fairy garden.