Saturday, 7 January 2017

A final treat for the holidays

Today dawned cloudy and I resigned myself to a day indoors with chores.   While I burned off energy at the end of a vacuum cleaner and floor mop, the sun rose high enough to burn off the clouds so I drove the DBEM out to a local beach.
The ice cream shop was shut!   So instead we sat in the sun and enjoyed the view.
Yesterday it was the DBEM's time in the spotlight so today it is my turn.
I didn't take the tripod with me but how fortunate to have a blue car and catch a great reflection in the roof:-)
I'm off to do some stitching - a wiseman and a couple of trees so there will be photos tomorrow.


  1. Lovely to have a trip out, even if the ice-cream van was shut. That's a good photo of you.

  2. Well, phooey on closed ice cream shops! But it looks like the day turned out to be lovely for a drive. Enjoy your stitching time.

  3. Oh Margaret, I'm so envious - I love the seaside and everything here is so grey at the moment.