Tuesday, 24 January 2017


Almost a week has passed and I am making progress.  Doctor, hand therapist, dentist; I am on first name terms with all of them now and ACC contributed greatly to their retirement funds.   There are multiple subsequent appointments but I am certainly grateful for progress thus far.
My sense of humour must have survived!  The hand therapist asked what colour I wanted for my silicone splint. "Beige", says I.  And this is the result:-) Does that look beige to you?

With the therapists permission I have been able to have ten minutes stitching tonight and there is progress on that front too.
And that's all for today.


  1. Either it is I or the therapist who is colour blind, but that doesn't look beige to me! As long as the splint supports your hand and speeds up the recovery so your can get longer stitching sessions in the near future I wouldn't bother about the colour!
    You can share your experience with Pamela; she has problems stitching, too, because of her injury.
    Wishing your a speedy recover.

  2. I hope you heal quickly! I am out of the cast and bare armed except for the bandage over the incision site. The skin on my arm, which was under the cast and bandages needs some rehabilitation at home now. It was so dry and flaky under everything! I empathise with you!

  3. Not beige to me either Margaret but at least it let you do some stitching........amazing. Well done you. Go on taking care.

  4. Oh your poor hand; but so well bandaged and taken care of in its definitely not beige splint!And some stitching...yah.

  5. Dear Margaret, that is really a pitty what has happened to you - a stitchers
    "ultimate-MCA". Hope you will be better soon. I would like to ask for your help please: I am a long time reader of your blog which I found in Amy's blog "threadinhand.blogspot.de".
    Since today Amy opens her blog only to
    invited readers. Is there any possibility - can you get Amy's E-Mail Adress for me- so I could write to her? thank you so much for your support. Maria (rolf-m-50@web.de)

  6. I'm amazed to see that you've been stitching already. Take things slowly and don't overdo it - I'm sure your mum is saying this to you as well:-)

  7. Beige? Nope, not even a little bit. But you got to stitch - yay! Sending healing vibes your way....

  8. Oh my goodness, I'm behind on reading blogs so I missed hearing about your accident. Glad that you can stitch a little now.
    Get well soon!