Tuesday, 6 January 2015

The Doctor's visit

Today I had a visit from the doctor - this doctor, The Rug Doctor.  
Now my carpets are looking beautifully clean and smelling sweet and fresh.   Another hot day today so they will dry well too.   Clever me ;-)
And as a reward, tonight I am going to start my Sampler Casket.   The fabric and threads are all ready and waiting, I just need to stitch up a small scissor fob and get that out of the finishing pile.  I stitched this up quickly last night to use up a scrap of the linen from the Acorn Sampler Reticule and the very last of my DMC 3777.   Attached to a small pair of scissors it should make a suitable item for the Embroiderers Guild sale table later this year.
A thorough search of the stash didn't provide any backing fabric for the Sampler Chatelaine so I will take the HD3QBEM out on a jaunt on Wednesday to buy something suitable and finish that.   I have a job interview next Tuesday so need to reconnoitre first and make sure I know exactly where I am going.   Combining stash enhancement with that chore should make for a fun trip.
I'm off to make dinner now.


  1. Good luck with the interview!

  2. Stash enhancement combined with chores? A perfect day! LOL

  3. When you write about it being a hot day, I have to remind myself we live in two different hemispheres--today is suppose to be one of our coldest day.

  4. Good luck with the interview next week. You are so organised in your stitching and how you plan it all - I feel like the proverbial butterfly.


  5. I enjoy reading about the adventures of you and your mother. My mother is 92 and is still on the go, so I can relate. Wishing you both a very happy & healthy 2015!

  6. Oh, I also meant to say - Good luck with your interview!
    Please keep us updated....

  7. Great way to use up a scrap of fabric. I tend to keep all my off cuts "just in case".
    Good luck with the interview too.