Sunday, 11 January 2015


Despite the best of intentions I have not yet made a start on the Sampler Casket.   First of all I completed the Christmas Ornaments.  The small pewter grey stars don't look too bad and after all these ornaments are only on display for a few days of the year -  so don't sweat the small stuff Margaret!

Then, itching to do some hardanger I looked through all my books but made no decision.   So as a stop gap I completed a small square which I will make into a lavender sachet.
My "to be constructed" pile has grown again!
Today I went down to the city waterfront for a Vintage/Retro Outdoor Fair.   It was fun but hot - 27 degrees today -enough to melt the icecream I had as a treat.  A beautiful day to wander along and gasp in amazement that goods I remember using on a daily basis are now considered vintage!!
Tonight I have sewn up a small knitted cardigan for the HD3QBEM and added it to the ironing pile.   Now, with the dishes done I am settling down to watch the Antiques Road Show and to cool down before bed.   And guess what, I have another new start on the hoop!   Another scrap of linen and perle threads from stash are being converted into an Aztec Stitch bookmark while I analyse my reluctance to start the stitching on the casket;-)


  1. I love your hardanger Margaret, I'd love to have a go at something like that - it looks like something I might manage as it's small. Did you use perle cotton - I love the colour of your linen too.

  2. Ooh, people in tshirts! Love the little lavender sachet and the days of construction will come. It's not as though you are exactly lollygagging, is it?

  3. No harm in puttering with other things until inspiration strikes. You could produce something wonderful in the meantime!! Laura

  4. As usual, gorgeous stitching. Your talents amaze me.

  5. Even if you dither on one project you sure find others to work on! Maybe that is the best way to work; sometimes ideas need to brew and stew in the back of one's mind.
    What you HAVE made are all beautiful items.

  6. I think the pewter stars look great. Love the hardanger square too, you stitch so quickly!

  7. I believe procrastination may be every stitcher's middle name ;-)

    All your work looks beautiful!

  8. Lovely finishes even if they are not what you planned on stitching.

    Love the photo of the waterfront, we are going to be in NZ in three weeks to visit my sister so I'm looking forward to some warm weather :) We'll mostly be in Wellington but have a few days in Auckland at the end of the trip, are their any LNS/LYS/LQS's you'd recommended for a visit?

  9. The ornies are lovely. 115 is my favourite too. I think it is for many people!