Sunday, 4 January 2015

All put away until next time

I didn't wait until 12 days after Christmas but packed up the ornaments and tree a day early.   Three boxes of ornaments but I only took a photo of the handmade ones.   Seeing how full the box is I have told myself that I will make only one for my own tree this year and I will wait until the JCS Ornament book comes out before I decide.   Hopefully I can remember this "promise to self".
I did make a little angel though but she is currently asleep in a box waiting to become part of a gift for next Christmas.  
Yes, I know.   Sad isn't it.   I am already thinking about next Christmas.  Even the HD3QBEM laughs at me as I write lists and muse out loud at preparations for the year that is only four days old.
The Acorn Sampler Reticule is coming along well and I plan on spending some time with the sewing machine tomorrow to get the construction underway.   Photos to come then when the item is in a more photogenic state:-)
Our lovely weather lady promises fine weather tomorrow so I am going to attack the garden, remove weeds, dead head a few of the flower plants, pick some more beans and generally give everything a good clean up.  Then having delayed for long enough I will get started on sewing the summer dress which has been cut out for some weeks now.   Today was 26 celsius (79 farenheit)so cool lightweight cotton dresses are more comfortable than jeans and a T shirt.   Once the pleasant jobs on the list are done I will tackle the sanding and repainting of the window sills -  unless I can think of other pleasant chores that will relegate the painting even further down the list!
And so a lovely day comes to a close.  Good night everyone.


  1. Oh I think it's much too hot to sand and paint Margaret:-)

  2. I'll be packing our tree and ornaments tomorrow. It's been in the 70's F here in Okinawa, but we'll be back to Hokkaido and snow tonight.
    I look forward to seeing the next acorn photos!

  3. Christmas next year will come around much quicker than we think, doesn't it always?, so planning ahead for Dec is not unwise!

  4. What a lovely collection on ornaments!

  5. Lovely ornaments! I think you should stitch more of them for yourself and get a bigger tree! It's 6*F here today, with a windchill of -9. That should make you feel a little cooler. ;)