Thursday, 22 January 2015

A day in the life of....

This morning I took the HD3QBEM with me on a thirty minute trip north to the maximum security prison and faced down the cameras (many of them) at the entrance, before being permitted to enter and to have my "criminal record" searched.   The camera checked us again as we left.   I wondered what happens if they cannot verify the faces within a thirty minute time span?  Paremoremo Prison didn't look a particularly inviting stay!
And in the afternoon we went out west (only twenty minutes drive this time) to have the drug and alcohol test .   Such a nice looking young male nurse and so personable!   I was perfectly composed until he told me I needed to leave the toilet door open while I provided the sample.   You try it!   Despite the two full glasses of water before leaving home, it was very hard to relax and provide.   But once the deed was done results were instant and the all clear was given.
So I have crossed off two items on my non-existent bucket list.   Visiting a high security prison and successfully passing a drug test must surely rank high on any list.
For the past weeks I have been wondering why a couple of dresses weren't fitting well and consulted the scales this morning.   I was delighted to find that I have lost two kilo since leaving work.   So now I am off to the gym to assist in the loss of a couple more:-)


  1. How nice to be two kilos lighter! Congrats on passing the "test". I hope you find the perfect job, but in the meantime, enjoy stitching and the time with your mom.

  2. You are certainly keeping busy in 'finding a new job'. I must say your visit to the prison was quite entertaining
    (to your readers!). Good luck on all of your interviews and please keep us informed....

  3. congrats my dear on passing your test..
    i am sending you lots of good luck hugs xxx

  4. Oh glory be, hmm, not easy!

  5. Oh my goodness! I had to read this one out to my hubby! So pleased that you passed the test with flying colours!

  6. Oh Margaret I would have found that so difficult, especially with a pleasant young male nurse - that just compounds the whole thing. I hope it's worth it though and that you get the job, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

  7. Glad you passed the test. Not sure I could have cooperated with the door open. You're very brave.
    Best of luck for the job.