Sunday, 18 January 2015

Half done

Progress to report.   Half of the back panel is now complete.  I am a little disappointed in this chart as it is not absolutely symmetrical but I stitched as charted and will just live with it:-(
Somehow this project which has been on my "Want To Do" list for around 10 years is not proving to have the satisfaction levels I envisaged.   At present I am wanting more speciality stitches rather than the loveable little crosses, or perhaps a hardanger project?   I shall have another search of the stash and see if I can find a smallish project with the requisite satisfaction/speciality stitch ratio.
Currently I seem to have too many items on the go.   I need to finish sewing my summer dress, while the weather is still warm!   I need to quilt the placemats I have had cut and pinned for a week or two.

And I need to make a start on my 2015 Guild project which is Carolyn Standing Webb's Sweet Strawberry Bag and Toys.   Has anyone out there stitched this one?   I'd like to see photos of the back of the needlebook; is it the same as the front or is it only a floral wreath?   Help please.

Tomorrow I have another job interview so this afternoon I went to check out the address I need to go to.   It is very close to home, a brand new building in a nice part of town so we shall see what happens.  


  1. I love the strawberry bag! I took a blackwork class with CSWebb at a national EGA seminar and I've admired her other designs. I look forward to seeing how this one progresses.

  2. That's a neat design you're planning on stitching. I've often looked forward to stitching something and yet not enjoyed it as much as I expected. Good luck tomorrow.

  3. Good luck with the interview! I hope you find a satisfying project in the meantime.

  4. It's certainly stitching up quickly. I must be honest, when I saw the photo I thought "that's quite a simple project for Margaret, where are the tiny details and intricate pieces?"
    Good Luck with the interview.

  5. If you hadn't pointed out that it isn't symmetrical I wouldn't have noticed; now it is very obvious. Do you think it is a flaw in the pattern? No wonder you are longing for another project. My advice, though, is to finish some of the UFOs first.
    Good luck tomorrow.