Sunday, 4 May 2014

Everybody likes English Meadow!

Yesterday I took myself off to the LNS with my little list.   Did they have Silk N Colors English Meadow?   No.  What?   It is only four weeks since I bought a skein of that exact floss.   And now they have none?   Does everybody else like English Meadow?   Obviously.   I have emailed off to Sherelyn at Heirlooms to see if she can help before I attempt to extract one skein of floss from any on line overseas retailer.   My plans weren't totally thwarted but they sure were diverted.   I settled for a star frame instead of the circular one that was on my little list.   In fact the only item crossed off the list was DMC 535 -  so all in all a rather unsuccessful visit.
I did however complete this Christmas Ornament.   Originally stitched to go inside a Tim Holtz pocket fob, this was far too small and I have been searching for a small circular frame since.   Far from circular, this frame is perfectly satisfactory and another completed ornament for this year.
During the week I completed the base stitching on the lid of The Mermaid's Sea Chest.   I love this project but the over one stitching is hard on the eyes so I will mothball the piece and have a break for a month.
The "wood" looking panels have a pearl seed bead monogram in the centre panel and each side will be a bead anchor.
In April I didn't get to Embroiderers' Guild meeting so the Guild Project didn't get any further.  Last night I picked it up and completed the corner and all of page three.
Now I am working on the corner for page one and then will be one quarter of the way through.  
One third of the year gone and only one quarter of the project done?   I need to up my speed I think.
The HD3QBEM is not at all well this weekend so we are having a quiet time at home.   She is knitting what I call a bumble bee sweater (three guesses as to what colours the stripes are!) but her lack of energy means the knitting lies on her lap a lot.   Talking Books provide Sherlock Homes as background entertainment.   Our quiet times at home are quite fun!


  1. Quiet stitching time at home is wonderful too!
    I hate that the shop was out of that color of floss, so frustrating, All of your projects are lovely.

  2. It's not much fun when you go to a shop with a list and can't find what you need - I don't think I have English Meadow in my Silk n Colours box, but I'll have a look. I'm sorry you're mum's been under the weather, we seem to be following a similar path at the moment Margaret.

  3. Oh my goodness. Lovely stitching. I've never heard of English Meadow…..but will look around. It looks beautiful.

  4. Your stitching looks great. Quiet times stitching at home can be so relaxing. Let me know if I can help you out with the English Meadow.

  5. Wow beautiful stitching...I love it..
    Hugs x

  6. Good luck with the search for the thread! Lovely projects xx

  7. Margaret, I just sent you an e-mail.

  8. that star frame is perfect! Lovely stitching, especially that little bunny!

  9. Hope you mom is feeling better! The little star is perfect! Your other projects are so beautiful. I always want to start what I see you stitching! I did start a new cross stitch project over the weekend and have the chart and fabric ready to begin a new blackwork piece. Why is it so easy to start new projects?

  10. I love the star shaped frame, such a perfect frame for this piece.

    The Quaker is gorgeous too, I love the red you are using.

  11. Your projects are looking gorgeous, love the star shaped frame.

    What a pain about the floss & I hope your Mum is feeling better