Friday, 16 May 2014

No eyes!

Life has been very quiet at our house this week.   The HD3QBEM has had a nasty head cold but seems to be on the mend now -  at least she is back to being able to dry the evening dinner dishes:-)
However she managed to complete what we both call the bumblebee sweater and has added it to the pile of knitting which will eventually go to the Hospice Shop.  There are now five garments towards the total for next year.   39 is the number to beat and she seems on track to win.
While she has been busy, I have completed the roof of the Cottage Etui.   Well, almost.   That gaping gap in the middle is an eyelet but needs to be done after the interfacing is attached.   Apparently I drill a hole with my awl and make the eyelet then... we shall see how that works out.
Unfortunately dreams of constructing the pincushion and scissor fob came to naught but I have the ingredients ready and there is always next week.   Doesn't the Colourstreams Silk Ribbon match well?
I did manage to pick up my knitting needles and make a start on a pair of socks.   Before the HD3QBEM's sight completely gives out, I want to be guided through the intricacies of a turned heel and to cross off another item on my 'before 60' list.   During the winter I always wear hand knitted woolly socks inside knee high boots and the winter temperatures are here now and these socks need to be off the needles and on the feet.   So my needles this week have had no eyes :-)
Coincidentally Little Sis and Little Brother are both in town this weekend so the HD3QBEM will have company while I spend a day in the city centre.
I plan on a ferry trip across the harbour to the delightful second hand book store on Devonport Wharf, a saunter up the street to Cushla's Quilt Shop (she may have the paper hexie templates I am searching for) and in the afternoon attending several lectures at the Auckland Writers Festival.   I booked in to hear Alexander McCall Smith and Camilla Lackberg - one because I love all things Scottish, in particular Edinburgh, and I want to see in person the creator of Mma Ramotswe,  and the other because I enjoy the occasional foray into Scandanavian Noir.   I am looking forward to the lectures very much.  Listed like that the day sounds positively indulgent!
We had performance reviews at work this week -  mine on Thursday morning so I had most of the week to build up a solid knot of nervousness in the stomach region.   All went well and was amazingly positive so tomorrow I plan to spend a small portion of my bonus (reward) on a  tripod for my camera and thereby hopefully, be able to produce better selfies than the current versions which rely on my dim memories of physics for mirror reflection angles. And a tripod is another item on my 'before 60' list.
So that's the news from my house this week.


  1. Great update Margaret!!!!
    Congratulations on the great review and enjoy a fabulous day in the city.
    Glad to hear that your Mom is feeling better. Her sweater and your knitting and stitching look amazing.
    Enjoy the lectures, they sound great!

  2. Glad to hear that your mom is feeling better...
    Your stitching and knitting is looking so pretty..
    Big hugs x

  3. So glad to hear your mother is feeling better. Colds can make one so miserable! Your stitching and knitting are picture perfect.

  4. The ladies above in the comments said it all - so I just say Ditto.

  5. Good for you with the review and good for your mum knitting another sweater. The ribbon is a very pretty colour and a great match. My friend in Chicago loves his books too - I've yet to be drawn to them.

  6. Glad to hear your mom is doing better. I love the cottage! Beautiful colors.

  7. Happy to hear your mother is back to her housework duties! I love the ribbon colours, it is just perfect for this lovely casket design.
    Have you seen this design? It was in the Traditional Stitches newsletter:

  8. That's so funny. I had my performance review on Thursday also. Didn't sleep well all week. I'm glad yours also went well! But wouldn't it be nice to go into these things with confidence in our work? Love your cottage. Looking forward to seeing how it goes with the awl. :)