Friday, 30 May 2014

A magnetic personality

A funny thing happened to me this week.   My watch (only purchased less than six months ago) was losing time.   I checked the 'pips' on the BBC.   I checked with the 'online' clock.  Yes it did seem to be losing time.   Unconvinced I still persuaded myself I was wrong until I ran late for an appointment all because of the watch :-(
So off  I strode to the Precision Watch Company.   With a name like that you can guarantee that they will cure this problem.   On the envelope I wrote my name and phone number and left my precious watch in the hands of Mr Watchmaker Wizard.  Two days later and a phone call.
"Excuse me Ma'am, your watch is keeping perfect time.  There is nothing wrong"  
What?   "Thank you," says I, "it must just be my magnetic personality upsetting it."  
And then....surprise surprise, Mr Watchmaker Wizard says, "well, you could be right.   Does your handbag have a magnet closure?" 
Mystery solved.   Apparently my deeply sensitive but well loved watch is a quartz movement and dislikes magnets so much that it stops momentarily whenever in close proximity.   In and out of my bag goes my hand and off and on goes my watch.  
Solution?   Apologies to the Watchmaker Wizard and a quick attack on the handbag; removal of the strong magnetic snap and voila!   All is well.
I'm off to stitch the front porch of My Cottage now.


  1. Wow it's very interesting..
    Thank you for sharing
    Hugs x

  2. Who could have guessed? Can't wait to see the porch!

  3. Wow. Who could have thought…..

  4. thx for sharing - I had no idea

  5. How funny! I would not have thought of that.

    I haven't worn a watch since I had children, I tend to use my mobile phone instead.