Friday, 9 May 2014

A quick catch-up

Only a  little progress to report this week.

This week I finished my target on Ring O Roses so she has been put to bed for a while and I have been stitching on my C A Wells Cottage Etui.   A little adapting here and there and I am happy enough with the finished result pale and delicate though it may be.

Actually the colour is not as pale and insipid as my photography.   The shades of the English Meadow floss are really quite pleasing.  The stitching is now done so that I can complete the scissor fob and the pin cushion - perhaps next week I will have the completed items to show as I need to get ribbon and wadding for the pincushion.  I did want to have a 'double monogram' with both M and S but couldn't find any alphabet like that in any of my books so gave up and settled for my usual M.   What difference will it make anyway as this piece will probably be discarded along with other pieces when my long suffering nephew sorts out my belongings one day.  Oh dear, how melancholy is that?   Fear not.   I am not depressed with dark thoughts-  merely telling myself not to get hung up on small details :-)
The plan for next week is to complete the other side of the roof - i.e.. the remainder of the alphabet and then the numbers.   After that it will be a temporary sayonara to the Cottage Etui and  hopefully on to construction of the Naxos Necessaire.   It was June 2013 when I went to the class for that Necessaire so I have promised myself it must be complete before 12 months are up but as they say "if wishes were horses,  beggars would ride."   There are too many variables in my life and indeed, too many other temptations also.
My diary - at least for the weekends -  is really full for the next six weeks but I was delighted to find that the Embroiderers Guilds Regional Day falls on the one free Saturday I have so I swiftly filled in that gap on the page.   I am looking forward to that immensely as it is always so inspiring to see what others are doing and to browse the merchants mall.

Little Brother is coming up to stay next weekend and both of us are looking forward to that.  Little Sister will be here the same weekend but she isn't staying.  There is only a certain amount of expansion room in a two bedroom apartment!   Perhaps I should invite Older Brother and we could have a family reunion?!   The HD3QBEM is full of anticipation and hoping that her health will cooperate.

Well that's all from me.  I have baked a Ginger Crunch Slice, some Chocolate Chip biscuits and a fruit loaf.   My busy schedule this weekend requires tight timetabling starting this evening.   Now it is time for my book -  I am hooked on a Katherine Neville book and lunch and tea breaks have been too short this week.   I shall read till I finish it tonight.

Night night everyone.


  1. Both of your stitching projects are delightful! You are so good about finishing what you start.

  2. beautiful projects! I was at Bletchley park at the weekend and we went into the toy museum. On show was loads of needlework and a few quilts made during WWII. I said to my husband that my needlework and quilts are unlikely to end up in a museum, more likely the bin! I'd love to find a museum to donate them to for a future exhibition in 100 years!

  3. Wow, you have done so much even though you are so busy! Have a great weekend x

  4. Your comment made me smile Margaret, I've often looked at my stitching supplies and projects and thought the same thing. Have a good weekend.

  5. Lovely stitching.
    Those cookies look so good.

  6. Sweet cookies
    And pretty stitching
    Hugs x

  7. Your stitching AND baking are both delicious!!

  8. I hereby volunteer to be the beneficiary of your extensive collection of beautifully finished items!!
    When I near the end of my days I intend to have one almighty giveaway on my blog and pass everything on to the younger generation of stitchers.
    Your work is so perfect it deserves to be loved for ever!

  9. Great progress on the Etui, it's looking lovely as is the Rose Quaker