Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A surprise in the mail

Tonight I arrived home from work, miserable with a head cold generously passed on to me by the HD3QBEM, to find this wonderful surprise
Kris was the winner of a give away draw on my blog ages ago and she kindly stitched this cute little Just Nan Fairy for me.   I'm still pondering how I will finish it?   A pillow?  A flat fold? An ornament?   Maybe a notebook cover?   What I do know is that I will consider this carefully before I begin constructing anything.   This little fairy will not live at the bottom of my garden but in the front of my curio cabinet.   Thank you so much Kris.
Today has been a dreary cold day and although there was a wonderful golden sunset tonight the forecast is for rain tomorrow.   My cold means a holiday from the gym this week so I have more stitching time.  In fact I am knitting and the first sock is almost complete.   Updates to follow.


  1. oh my - lovely, so lovely

  2. I hope you and your mom are both feeling better.

  3. What a lovely Thank You to send you. Such a nice surprise when you were feeling under the weather too.