Friday, 25 April 2014

Resolutions are made to be broken...

In my heart I am still a one project at a time girl but currently I have too many projects on the go.
My Guild project Ring O Roses,  easily becomes addictive in the week of Guild meetings and gets more attention than one day a month!

My main project The Mermaid Sea Chest, is a long term project so I have scheduled breaks.   At present I am working on the outside lid.   Once that is completed I plan on mothballing this project and starting picking up another.   Possibly next month?  

The planned "net-project" is C A Well's Cottage Etui which I started while away at Easter.   I will construct the fob and pincushion (yeah!   A trip to the LNS is needed to get appropriate ribbon) and hopefully complete the Cottage Roof before this too will be mothballed.

And the hexagons?   So far I have 148 tacked up.   Seems as if two of them must have a double up of the paper templates as I bought 150 of those.   Whatever, I need 262 for the runner so on the next trip to the LNS will get one more packet of templates and continue tacking up pretty little hexagons.

There are three Christmas ornaments stitched and requiring construction.   And the Naxos Necessaire needs to be constructed.   I have all the ingredients for that too, so no excuse.   Possibly at the next long holiday weekend in June?   But today I got my speed skates on and managed to finish one -  a small pillow which still needs a ribbon hanger.

See what I mean?   Too many projects on the go at once.   So I have vowed - no more succumbing to temptation.   I can admire the wonderful work of others but I must not covet!   I have knitting projects and dressmaking projects and a couple of requests from the HD3QBEM too so probably need to chart up dates and times like a true project manager would.   Oh dear, that sounds too much like a rotation for me.

This weekend I have promised myself a new dress for the winter and today I made a start on that - there is just the hand sewing to do immediately after I push the publish button on this:-)

And guess what.... while I was compiling this list and in the middle of my dressmaking, the HD3QBEM found three items of mending she required.   Truly, of making lists there is no end !  


  1. I can't stay with one project Margaret, there's too many lovely designs out there beckoning. Your are so disciplined, I admire your approach and I think it works well.

  2. Oh dear, I suffer from the same malady. I have so many projects going…..and can't stick to just one. I admire your resolve ;)

  3. I do try to stick to one project! Not very successfully it has to be said.

    List are such fun to make but they are more of a guideline than a rule...

  4. :)
    Count me in
    Hugs x

  5. While I like to finish things, I am so much better at starting them, which is why I have so many! I never hesitate to start something new. My list is of the things started, instead of the things I want to start. The pretty things on your blog help add to my list!