Thursday, 10 April 2014

Three bags full...

Over one stitching doesn't grow very fast does it?   I love the colours of this Vintage Brown silk floss but feel as if I need a break before attempting the remaining two panels.   A small anchor, in pearl beads, will go over this completed panel.  Thanks to those who made suggestions for sourcing a simple anchor chart.   Currently I am working on the staves.
Somebody asked me who was the designer of The Mermaid's Sea Chest.   This was a teaching piece by Lauren Sauer and she kindly sent me the chart some years ago in response to my begging email request.   It has taken me some time to source a suitable substitute linen as I couldn't buy what she recommended but I am thoroughly enjoying this project.   However I admit to being a little wary of what looks to be complicated construction.
On Saturday the HD3QBEM and I have a long list of errands, at the top of which is the delivery to the Hospice Shop of her knitting for the past twelve months.   Three bags full!   Despite her valiant efforts, too many dropped stitches and sewing in of ends on coloured stripes used up time which would otherwise have allowed for the completion of the 40th garment.   I'm still awarding her an A triple plus though as even with her failing eyesight and ill health she managed to knit more than last year's total.

She wants a new pair of shoes for the winter so we shall visit her favourite shoe store also and then possibly indulge in a sushi lunch.   After that it is my turn for shoes,  and a new pair of jeans.   I'm wondering whether in all this there will be time for cooking, washing, grocery shopping, a hair cut and all the other weekend chores.   I'm planning to cut out fabric for a new winter dress and a pair of trousers too -  hopefully the hours will be elastic enough to allow for all of this :-)


  1. Wow enjoy my dear...
    Sending you big hugs xx

  2. Your mother is amazing, and very generous!
    The mermaid chest is looking great! Years ago I took a class with Lauren Sauer - A Secret Garden. It took about 10 years to finish it. I remember reading on your blog that you also stitched it.

  3. Wow - how generous. Keep stitching -

  4. I'm so impressed by your mum and her knitting - I know how tedious sewing up can be - especially when stripes are involved. The hospice shop must love it when you turn up with such lovely knitted work.

  5. I've not heard of Lauren Sauer before, how lovely of her to send you the design though. I am enjoying your progress very much.