Wednesday, 11 December 2013

My only tree this year....

The Naxos Necessaire is all stitched and I have begun the search for suitable lining fabric before constructing.   Our tutor told us to take time to choose carefully and I am looking for a striped silk.   So far I can only find blue striped silk but am determined to wait until I see exactly what I want.   So no happy dance for this one yet.
However it meant I could start a new piece.   So start I did and finish too!   Here's this year's tree.
From this years JCS Ornament Issue -  stitched entirely from stash.   28 Count Cashel linen (Vintage Mocha) and DMC floss.  The small spool came from my friend in Japan.  One stray star, a drinking straw, some pins and tacky glue.  Voila!
Tonight I hope to glue the ribbon and twisted cord on my first Altoid Tin Topper.   Yes yes, I know.   These went out of fashion about five years ago (^_-) but I have three tins and stitching one of these was on my list of 60 Things.   They are tiny (therefore quickly finished), useful (thereby satisfying William Morris) and stash reducing (self satisfying) -so all in all a Good Stitch.


  1. What a neat ornament, well done for using existing stash.

  2. Love your ornie :) And hey, I have a stash of Altoids that a friend sent me from the US, so want to use them too. Who cares if they are out of fashion!

  3. Cute tree! I also have some tins and didn't even know they were out of fashion. Oh dear!

  4. What a gorgeous finish! I look forward to seeing your Altoid tin.